I'm a graduate :O

So here it is - my portfolio website (since all the cool kids have one of these)---> Aminder Dhaliwal Portfolio

It's been an awesome 5 years, I'm going to miss everyone so much and a few select people even more - but it's a small industry so I'm sure I'll see you all again (no matter how hard you try to hide)

To sum up, here's a short video to describe what I spent so much of my 4 years doing at Sheridan, as a solution for all future students i suggest a bridge or jet packs.

"coooooooooooooome oooooon i could be using this time to reeender!"


Nikolas Ilic said...

cool stuff...sure will miss everyone.. portfolio blog is looking awesome...very professional. good job buddy..

Timothy Chan said...

yes thats pretty much what we all did in 4 years