Happy NEW Year!!!

I love New Year's :D I love all the potential 2012 has, 2011 was amazingly good to me, it's hard to imagine life getting any better!

So here we are living in the FUTURE!!!
but. not. really.
Here's 3 things I demand we need now. 

and YES I took flying cars off my list...because of this beauty


Someone tell me where I send my money to fund the research.

Wicked Cool Hoverboards

I mean amazing [treasure-planet-coolness-solar-surfboard-thingy] types. 

"Help me, Obi-Wan KenobiYou're my only hope. "
I would love to call someone and see a little hologram of them, a little borrower-size person projected from my phone <---THAT would be way cooler than people who look crazy talking to themselves on their bluetooth headsets

Anyways,  Happy New Year, may 2012 be the coolest year yet. 


Nikolas Ilic said...

that flying car is pretty cool! as are your drawings :) and agreed.. may 2012 be the coolest year yet!P.S if you ever get that hoverboard you have to ride it like how you drew it!

Carrie Liao said...

I've been dreaming about teleporters since junior high, when I took the wrong bus and had to walk 4 miles back to school ;_;

dream the dream!

Jeffrey Ho said...

Cool drawings! i like the Holograms. would they hurry up and invent it already?