Its about time I write this up! This post is about the Fairplay Badge that Brownie Scouts earn!
So what's this badge I speak of? and what's this got to do with women? Well, have you ever heard of the glass ceiling?

The term, 'Glass Ceiling' refers to 'the unseen, yet unbreachable barrier that keeps minorities and women from rising to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, regardless of their qualifications or achievements. 

INVISIBLE FORCEFIELD!!!    ...is not so fairplay. 

12 year olds are taught to keep it fair more often than adults

Did you know that if Women are treated as insignificant in a country it's often an indicator of civil war?!

In fact, only two percent of development dollars are going to adolescent girls.

maybe THIS is why Navi is best known for not shutting up, maybe this is why she nagnagnags

Maybe we should consider women a greater investment... :[

The cool thing about a glass ceiling is just that, its a GLASS ceiling, it's not concrete. with a little force it can be broken...

When a woman is oppressed, her family is oppressed, her community is oppressed, her society is oppressed. 

So what's one of the many things that is unfair? land. 

Land rights are still in the dark ages. 

The majority of the world's most poor people have three things in comon: they are rural, they are farmers, they don't have secure land rights. 
-infographic courtesy of Landesa.org

These issues are even harder on women. 

In many places women provide the bulk of agricultural labor. Sound fair? A woman can lose the right to use land at the discretion of:

Her Husband. Her Father. Her Brother. Her Uncle. 

Saaaausage fest.

Women often only have rights to land through their relationship with a man. 

They provide the labor, but don't reap the benefits.  It's like chasing a 1-up thats just out of reach, all chase, no reward.

 ...That was barely related, I felt the need to vent about how annoying it can be to chase those things  ...aaaaanyway....

 I think the world needs to earn itself the fairplay badge. 

A woman not only forfeits the right of what to do with the land but also what to do with the crop grown on it. If her husband wants to sell the cop rather than feed her family, she must comply. 

I'm not trying to imply all men are stupid, i AM trying to imply that corn thrones are awesome. haha just kidding, I'm just trying to show how blatantly unfair it is for the woman to have no control over the crop. 

So why should women be granted land rights? other than fair-play, what's to gain? Evidence shows that if women have more secure rights to land, agricultural productivity will increase and there is food security for a woman and her family. 
-infographic courtesy of Landesa.org

Should I be more specific? In Nicaragua, Honduras and Ghana families spend a greater portion of household income on food when women in the household own land. In Nepal, research shows that the likelihood that a child is severely underweight is reduced by half if  the child's mother owns land. 

*super hero music plays*

Landesa  works with governments to help improve laws on Women's Lands Rights. With the aid of government and local NGOs they attempt to close the gap between customary law and statutory law. They raise awareness of women's rights, engage with local leaders to help provide protection and assistance and aid women in finding social and financial support while also negotiating stronger and longer lasting rights to land. 

Landesa helped a woman named Asira from Northern Rwanda, 

After gaining title to her land, she and her husband used the land as collateral for a loan, she used the loan to buy a cow, with fertilizer from the cow she improved the maize fields to make a surplus of food, she sold the food and now has a cellphone and electiricty so that her children can do homework in the evenings, and thanks to good grades and extra money Asira's oldest daughter has made it to secondary school. 

Think that over. 
WOW, am i right?
With 600 million girls in the developing world, I'd say that's a lot of untapped potential. C'mon World, PLAY FAIR!


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i feel like one the major reasons why many kids grow up complacent in regards to women's rights (and other social injustices) because we're taught from a young age how "awesome" and "free" and "fair" the US is. it makes people blind to things here are home and globally and it needs to stop!