Christmas Time!

A couple months ago I was walking to work wondering what I'm going to do for Christmas break, this really nice man I met on my way helped me figure out some definitive plans. Thanks dude!

So I ended up back in Canada, sometimes strangers have the best advice, what a sweet guy. 

Aaaanywho, thought I'd share some Christmas-sy things, here's my 2012 Christmas card - it's Santa on his Candy Cane sleeeeigh

SANTA MAYHEM, in fact I bet this is how he gets gifts delivered.             ...clones.

I've gotten some pretty awesome gifts this year too, nothing to complain about... 

yep that IS a wizard snow globe thank you very much. 

Its been a good break with a lot of good food. 

And now i'm looking forward to a good new years!


Nikolas Ilic said...

haha love the stranger character! also that Dinner looks amazing !!!

James Lien said...

Awesome card! Happy new year!

Frederic William Stewart said...

3D multimedia edible Christmas card.
Bravo i say... bravo. I see I'm going to have to step up my holiday well wishing efforts.

Michael said...

you are funnnny!
Food looks great! Have a great 2013

Noam Sussman said...

love the xmas card!

happy new year :D

keep posting funny shit please

Johannes Scribbles said...

Your blog is so much fun! J

Will Terrell said...

HAHA! That was hilarious!!