Steven Moffat - the man behind Sherlock and Doctor Who

Today's post is about Steven Moffat, the head writer of Sherlock and Doctor Who, the man whose imdb doesn't disappoint and the BAFTA winner. You know, that guy!

Oh and if you haven't seen Doctor Who OR Sherlock - well I guess we can't be friends

;) I jest.

washing dishes 

walking my dog.

fightin' crime

Seriously, What if something happens to Steven Moffat! (not all that twitter scandal fan bullying blah blah blah nonsense) I mean what if something bad happens?

He. is. Amazing. (he has a BAFTA award for a reason)

He has essentially MADE the modern day Sherlock and Doctor who that we've come to love

Seriously guys, Steven Moffat writes gold. GOLD.

If you watch the shows, you know who I'm talking about~! He's  the great storyteller keeping fans glued to their seats watching, rewatching, and fangasming over time travel and detective stories!


WHAT would we do if Steven Moffat got sick, got hurt or suddenly suffered amnesia?! (spontaneous amnesia could be a thing! how would he answer plot questions?!) What would we do if his stories were left unfinished - or even worse, were finished by someone not as good? It's a scary thought :(


Back in 2005 I was eagerly awaiting the new book in JK Rowling's amazing Harry Potter series ;) and it suddenly hit me, 

It would be a while before JK Rowling would write her next book, and anything could happen in that time. I thought - 

(It's ALWAYS the raccoon, people. never the bear, burglar, bear trap or banana peel/open window - #AdviceForLife)

Here's little Ole' Marie Sue who back in the day obsessed over Mozart and his next requiem

She waited all year for Mozart to premiere his Requiem Mass in D Minor

When suddenly, 

She spent the rest of her life wandering what it could have been like, she also slipped on horse manure on  her way out and broke her ring finger which after that forever remained mangled - because of that she never got married and brought shame to her family name and was shunned. she lived the last 30 years of her life in a cabin in the forest #wenchlife. 

Seriously, how wicked cool would it be if he transferred his brain to a robot, cybermen represent.


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You have now given me a new phobia.

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haha this is amazing!

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we should start a petition to grant Steven Moffat bodyguards! 0_0

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Your posts are so EPIC! I love them!!!!

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You have a great blog, very funny.

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haha oh, Aminder. This was amazing. I feel you.

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amazing mind tangent.

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Omg I'm the same! Amazing blog :D