A Beginner's Guide to ignoring your Blog!

Here's the story of how I ignored my blog in 1 easy step!
Lazy Blog

updating blog

how not to blog

blog fail

Pretty simple guide to follow there, Blog-Ignoring is even more powerful when you consistently share posts that start with excuses...and here are mine...

I've been pretty busy (too busy to blog?! WHAT EVEN?!), in awesome and not-so-awesome ways, first of all, 

I went to Annecy Animation festival and it was awesome :D :D :D  (3 Smiley Faces out of 3)

I loved it :) and I'm looking forward to going again, Lake Annecy is beautiful, so picturesque! The food was great, the people were friendly and the films  were fantastic :D

When I got back from Annecy I got myself Google Glass!
(exhibit A, a female glasshole, Learn more about Glass here: http://www.google.com/glass/start/)

I entered the #IfIHadGlass contest a few months ago and got picked, I'm loving them so far! 

After that...
My dog's arthritis got pretty bad, so my life went on hold to make his life easier - now he gets nice massages and joint treats, home made meals....for a while though, at his worst, 'dog walks' really changed

he's recovering nicely from that bad week :) Though I have noticed that his limp suddenly reappears if it'll get him an extra dog treat.

And finally I've been job hunting - I've got my end date so It's that time of year again where I find myself locked in my room taking a whole bunch of tests....  =_= YAY. 

Hopefully stuff starts getting back to normal soonish. Also, Comic-Con next week! WOOO!


chang said...

gawww your puppy story is so sweet =v=

SeƱorita Tejon said...

Oh my!! hope your dog gets better (:
So sweet of you for giving him the attention he needs :D!

Oh BTW! how are those glasses working??! I mean they're SO futuristic! O:!

Nikolas Ilic said...

I am so built !