Do you floss?

the dentist can see right through my lies!  ... I have a root canal scheduled for Monday.


The Cold Never Bothered me Anyway

There must have been a lot of Frozen nips in the Disney's Frozen. I noticed Elsa wore her hair a little different after she made her ice dress/castle. I think we've aaalll been there, Sven included.


1 Simple Scene Missing from Gangster Squad

LA River could have been the best part of Gangster Squad:

I watched Gangster Squad back when it came out. I ...I didn't like it, I mean I didn't like it to the point where I couldn't stop complaining about it. AND I mean COMPLAINING, I would wait for people to bring up the movie just so I could go on a rant about it. A few weeks after It came out, I didn't even care if people were talking about Gangster Squad, any time anyone even mentioned movies in the slightest I would find a way to rant about it. Now months later, whenever someone mentions a death in their family, my condolences consist of, 'I'm so sorry for your loss, but just remember - it's not as bad as Gangster squad'. I'm sorry if you liked it. I'm sorry for YOU. 




I haven't updated in a bit so here are some super randoms that have been floating on my desktop and probably won't go anywheeere.....

..Enjoy? I don't know?